DesignMerge Pro for Enfocus Switch [Quickstart Guide]

This article provides a Quickstart Guide for the installation, setup, and testing of the DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch. The article also provides links to all external resources and specifications for the DesignMerge Configurator, and includes access to a number of training videos to help guide you through the entire process.

Preliminary - Verify System Requirements

Following are the minimum software and system requirements necessary to support the DesignMerge Pro integration with Enfocus Switch. Please verify that your computer and operating system are also compatible with Adobe InDesign and Enfocus Switch.

  1. Enfocus Switch version 2021 Fall or newer
    Note that the Switch license must include the Switch Core Engine and the Switch Configurator Module.
  2. Adobe InDesign 2022
    Version 17.2 or newer.
  3. DesignMerge Pro for Adobe InDesign 2022
    Version 17.78b0 or newer.
  4. DesignMerge Pro Scripting Module
    The Scripting Module should be selected as an Optional Module using DesignMerge Pro installer.
  5. Macintosh or Windows system compatible with both Enfocus Switch and Adobe InDesign

Step 1 - Install DesignMerge Pro Software

In order to use the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, you must be running a copy of DesignMerge Pro for Adobe InDesign. Both Macintosh and Windows platforms are fully supported. If you do not have a valid license for DesignMerge Pro software, please send a request for an Evaluation License to the Meadows sales team.

  1. Download the DesignMerge Pro Installer
    Please click here to download the latest software installer for DesignMerge Pro.
  2. Install DesignMerge Pro Optional Modules
    When you run the DesignMerge Pro software installer, you will be prompted to select from a set of Optional Modules to install. Please be sure to select the DesignMerge Pro Scripting Module as this module is required for use with Enfocus Switch. You may of course install any other Optional Modules, such as the Bar Coding Modules, but the Scripting Module is the only requirement. Please click here for more details about how to install your DesignMerge Pro software.

Step 2 - Download the DesignMerge Configurator Samples

Next, download the DesignMerge Pro Configurator sample files using the link provided by your Meadows support team. Please contact us if you have not received a download link to the sample files.

Once you download and un-zip the sample files, you will have a folder named DesignMerge-Configurator, which contains all of the sample documents, inputs, and flows. To ensure that all of the samples will work without any modification, please place the DesignMerge-Configurator folder onto the following location on your system:

Macintosh Systems:  /Users/Shared/DesignMerge-Configurator/

Windows Systems:  C:\DesignMerge-Configurator/

Note: By placing the folders in these locations, some of the sample flows that include hard-coded file paths to InDesign documents will work properly with no need to modify the flows. If you wish to place the folder into a different location, you may need to adjust some of the file paths in the sample flows. Switch will warn you about missing files when you run the flow.

Step 3 -  Install the DesignMerge Pro Configurator and Verify All Settings

The following video will demonstrate how to install the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, and verify that your system is set up properly for use with Enfocus Switch.

Step 4 -  DesignMerge Pro and Enfocus Switch Basic Operation

Now you are ready to start learning the basics! The following video will take you through all of the fundamentals of using DesignMerge Pro software with Enfocus Switch. The video covers creation of a sample flow, discusses flow inputs and outputs, and also demonstrates how to perform error checking and flow branching. The end result is a basic yet complete Switch flow capable of producing PDF/VT output with DesignMerge Pro. It is recommended that you complete this video before moving on to any of the more advanced topics and additional sample flows.

Step 5 -  Additional Information

Now that you know the basics, please see below for a list of additional resources and examples.

Sample Flows

If you followed the instructions in Step 3, you should have installed the full set of DesignMerge sample flows. Please see the Sample Flows page for more detail, as well as a video tutorial to guide you through each flow.

Configurator Actions and Properties

The previous set of videos describes the basic properties that are associated with an instance of the DesignMerge Pro Configurator flow element. If you would like more details about each of the available Action properties and all associated property values, please visit the Configurator Actions and Properties page.

Supported Input Types

For more information about the input formats supported by the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, please visit the Configurator Input page.

Sample Job Descriptions

For more information about the specific sample Job Folders and other sample input files that are provided in the DesignMerge-Configurator folder, please visit the Sample Job Descriptions page.

VDP Packager Feature

For more information about the VDP Packager feature, which is a standard feature of DesignMerge Pro software that can be used for creating Job Folders for your Switch flows, please visit the VDP Packager page.