DesignMerge Configurator Specs [Input Formats Overview]

This article provides a full description of all Input formats supported by the DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch. Inputs can include a file, such as a CSV or tab-separated text file, or a complete folder full of files known as a Job Folder. Please see below for more details.


Every Enfocus Switch flow must start with some type of input. For a Switch flow that utilizes DesignMerge software, several different types of file/folder inputs are supported. Examples of inputs supported by DesignMerge Pro are data files (CSV, tab-delimited, etc.), job ticket files (JSON), or even XML files. DesignMerge Pro also supports as input a folder full of files (what we refer to as a Job Folder).

DesignMerge Pro Configurator Input Requirements

For the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, the basic input must include a reference to the following files:

  1. Adobe InDesign Document
    This document must have been previously prepared for VDP by using DesignMerge Pro software on the desktop. The document can be included in the input Job Folder, specified via full path in the DesignMerge Configurator, or specified in a JSON or XML file.
  2. Data File
    The provided data file should match the VDP settings that were applied to the InDesign document. Data files must have either a .csv or a .txt filename extension. The data file can be submitted directly as input, or it can be included in the input Job Folder, specified manually in the DesignMerge Configurator Data File property, or specified by full path reference inside of a JSON job ticket or XML file.

In the basic process, the InDesign document will be opened and merged with data taken from the provided data file. The merged file will then be used to produce VDP output in PDF, PDF/VT or PPML format. This process is fundamentally the same as initiating a merge session using the desktop version of DesignMerge Pro. The following section describes the various types of input formats that are supported by the DesignMerge Pro Configurator.


As mentioned in the previous section, any Flow that utilizes a DesignMerge Pro Configurator must provide an InDesign document and a Database file (or a reference to those files) as the primary input. The preferred method for delivering these files is to provide them together in a single folder (known as the Job Folder). The Job Folder should contain all assets required to produce the VDP Job. For convenience the folder can be Zipped into a single file, and automatically un-zipped in the Switch flow for processing. DesignMerge Pro and the DesignMerge Pro Configurator provide automated ways for creating Job Folders. Please click here for more details about the Job Folder Input format.


For certain workflows, it may be desirable to provide a single file as input, such as a Data File (e.g. a CSV file), a JSON Job Ticket file, or an XML file as input. Please click here for more details about these Input formats.