How to create a DesignMerge VDP Package

The VDP Packager is a standard feature of DesignMerge Pro software that will collect all of the assets (both static AND variable assets) required for a DesignMerge job.

All of the assets are collected and stored together in a folder that we call the VDP Package Folder.

This feature is very helpful for submitting jobs to our technical support team, but is also great if you wish to transfer a DesignMerge job to a different DesignMerge workstation, or send a VDP job to Enfocus Switch for automated processing.


To create a VDP package, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the InDesign document that you wish to package.
  2. Launch the DesignMerge VDP Packager.
    Open the DesignMerge menu and choose Options > VDP Packager...
  3. Select the data file.
    You will be prompted to verify the data file that you wish to include in the package. You can use the currently selected data file, or select a different data file at this point.
  4. If prompted, agree to search for Variable Assets.
    If your job uses any Variable Assets (for example, if your document contains variable picture links), you will be prompted to search for these assets. Click the Yes button if prompted to search for variable assets.
  5. Review the information displayed on the VDP Packager dialog.
    The VDP Packager dialog lists all of the assets required for the job. Please verify the following:
    Status: Verify that the status next to each item is listed as OK.
    Package Name: Enter a name for the package if different from the document name.
    Zip File: Please check the Create Zip Package checkbox to store all assets in a Zip archive file.

  6. When ready, click the Create VDP Package... button.
  7. Choose a location for the VDP Package.
    You will be prompted to choose a location to store the VDP Package. Select a location, or just save the package to your desktop. The VDP Package will be created and stored in the selected location.
  8. Your VDP Package is now ready for processing!


Please send Zip files...

For technical support, to ensure the integrity of the files we prefer that you send us a single Zip archive.

If you did not create a Zip archive, please compress/archive (zip) the VDP Package Folder before sending it to us for review.

If you have a support ticket open, you can upload the file by attaching it to the support ticket (as long as the file is less than 30MB in size).

For larger files, please submit the Zip file to the Meadows Upload Site. Full instructions for uploading the file can be found on the following web page:

How to Upload a File to Meadows

If you use the File Upload method above, and if you have an open support ticket, please also reply to the support ticket just to give us a heads-up that the files have been sent.

Thank you!