How to create a VDP Package

The VDP Packager is a standard feature of DesignMerge Pro software that will collect all of the variable assets required for a DesignMerge job, and store those assets together in a folder. We call this the VDP Package Folder.

This feature is very helpful if you would like to transfer a DesignMerge job to another DesignMerge user. Also, you may use this feature to collect a copy of the job's assets that are stored on another system in your network, which would allow you to merge the job using local assets for best performance. Additionally, for technical support requests, Meadows Technical Support may ask that you create a VDP Package of the job in question so that we can fully review the job on our systems.


To create a VDP package of a DesignMerge job, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the InDesign document that you wish to package.
  2. Launch the DesignMerge VDP Packager.
    Open the DesignMerge menu and choose Options > VDP Packager.
  3. Select the data file.
    You will be prompted to verify the data file that you wish to include in the package. Select a data file that will be appropriate for this package.
  4. If prompted, agree to search for variable assets.
    If your job uses any variable assets (for example, your document contains variable picture links), you will be prompted to search for these assets. Answer Yes if prompted to search for variable assets.
  5. Review the information displayed on the VDP Packager dialog.
    This VDP Packager dialog lists all of the assets required for the job. Please verify that the Status next to each item is listed as OK. Also, enter a Package Name in the designated area (by default, the base name of the InDesign document is used as the package name).

  6. When ready, create the VDP Package.
  7. Choose a location for the VDP Package.
    You will be prompted to choose a location to store the VDP Package Folder (or VDP Zip Package, depending upon your VDP Packager preferences). Select a location, or just save the package to your desktop. The VDP Package Folder (or VDP Zip Package) will be created and stored in the selected location.

If you will be transferring the VDP Package to another DesignMerge user, you may prefer to create a .zip file version of the package folder for the transfer. There is a VDP Packager preference that will automatically create a .zip file version of the VDP Package for you. You may wish to enable this Create Zip Package preference for future packages. To access this preference, click the Prefs button on the VDP Packager dialog.


There are two different methods you can use to send your VDP Package to Meadows Technical Support.

First, if you created a VDP Package Folder instead of a VDP Zip Package, compress/archive (zip) the folder. This reduces the size of the package for a speedier transfer.

Next, if the size of the .zip file is less than 30 MB, you may attach it to your support ticket. If the .zip file size exceeds 30 MB, please send the .zip file to our uploads site (follow the instructions at