DesignMerge Configurator Specs [Sample Flow Videos]

This article describes each of the sample flows that have been provided with the DesignMerge Configurator evaluation and training kit. Each flow includes a training video that describes the flow and provides specific detail on the feature or configuration being demonstrated.

DesignMerge Flow [Standard Job Folder, CSV or JSON Input]

This sample flow provides an example of three basic use cases for the DesignMerge Pro Configurator.

The first use case demonstrates the how to prepare documents using DesignMerge Pro on the desktop, and then to quickly package and offload those jobs to the Switch workstation for processing. This frees up the design workstation immediately so additional VDP jobs can be prepared and submitted.

The second use case demonstrates data file input. In this use case, there are several InDesign templates that have already been created, and the user wishes to merge those templates with an updated data file. Three different branches of the flow have been designed to accept different data files that are merged with several different InDesign templates automatically.

The final use case is for automated systems capable of creating the JSON job ticket format supported by DesignMerge software.

DesignMerge Flow [Job Chunking]

This flow provides an example of how to use the DesignMerge Pro Page Sets per Job feature to break up a VDP job. This workflow can be useful for very large variable data jobs that must be broken down into a series of smaller and more manageable variable data jobs (known as chunks). Chunking the job in this fashion can lead to signficant performance improvements, and can also allow parallel processing where the press can start printing a portion of the VDP job as soon as it is ready, while DesignMerge and Switch continue to process the remainder of the data records.

DesignMerge Flow [File Name Control]

This flow provides an example of how control the naming of all output files produced by DesignMerge Pro. The video describes the DesignMerge Pro Control Frame feature that is used to specify the name of the PDF/VT file to be produced by the software. Filenames produced in this fashion can be specified manually, or can be generated automatically by reading the filename from a data field or setting the filename with a DesignMerge Rule. The video also demonstrates how to prepare a flow where one PDF will be produced for each record of the input data file, resulting in unique, personalized PDF files named according to the recipient First Name and Last Name data fields.

DesignMerge Flow [XML Input (Requires Metadata Module)]

This flow provides an example of how to use XML input for a DesignMerge flow. Please note that in order to use XML input, you must license the Metadata Module, which is an optional module for Enfocus Switch.