DesignMerge Configurator Specs [Actions and Properties]

This section describes each of the available DesignMerge Pro Configurator Actions, along with a complete and detailed list of all Configurator properties.


When you create an instance of a DesignMerge Configurator in your flow, there are a number of properties that you can adjust. Each instance provides a set of Common Properties, such as the InDesign Document and Data File to process.

In addition to the Common Properties, there are a number of specific Actions supported by the DesignMerge Pro Configurator. Each of the Actions provide a distinct function related to VDP processing, and also have a set of properties that are specific to the Action being performed.

Common Properties

There are a number of properties that are common to all DesignMerge Pro Configurator Actions. The description of each Common Property assumes that you are somewhat familiar with the general operation and terminology related to the DesignMerge Pro desktop product. Please click here for more details about the Common Properties.


Each Action supported by the DesignMerge Configurator provides a separate and unique set of properties. Please see below for complete details on the properties associated with each specific Action.

Variable Data Merge Action

The Variable Data Merge Action is used for performing a VDP merge and output session. With this command, the specified InDesign document and database file are merged to produce VDP output in either PDF, PDF/VT or PPML format. The output can be directed to subsequent Flow elements (such as a printer hot folder), however, the Action also supports direct output to a named printer or print queue. All of the VDP features (CopyFit, Bar Coding, Rules, etc.) that are supported by DesignMerge Pro are also fully supported by this Action. This Action essentially mimics the actions performed manually by an end user for the same VDP output session using DesignMerge Pro software on the desktop. Please click here for more details about the Variable Data Merge Action and Properties.

Perform Preflight Action

The Perform Preflight Action can be used to examine an incoming Job for potential issues that might cause problems with subsequent VDP Merge Actions. The Perform Preflight Action can be set up to detect issues such as missing fonts, missing fixed graphics, and invalid data fields. In addition, the Action can be configured to perform a full DesignMerge Pro Preflight session, which will process the data file to ensure that any external variable assets (variable pictures, articles, etc.) can be located and are available for processing. Based on the outcome of each preflight test (Pass or Fail), the input Job can be directed to an appropriate Flow element. Please click here for more details about the Perform Preflight Action and Properties.

Build Multi-Up Document Action

The Build Multi-Up Document Action can be used to automatically build a multi-up version of the one-up, input InDesign document. The Action takes advantage of the DesignMerge Pro multi-up imposition features, which allow the user to create Imposition Templates in advance. Each Imposition Template utilizes a set of special Imposition Frames™ to identify where document content should be placed. The Action will process the specified Imposition Template, populate the template with content extracted form the input InDesign document, and save the resulting imposed version of the file as a new InDesign document. The imposed version of the InDesign document will then be moved forward and processed by subsequent Flow elements. Please click here for more details about the Build Multi-Up Document Action and Properties.

Create VDP Package Action

This Action can be used to automatically search for, locate, and copy into a single folder all of the files required for a variable data job. The folder that is created is referred to as the Job Folder. This command provides the same functionality as the VDP Packager feature available in the DesignMerge desktop application. Once a Job Folder has been created, the folder can then serve as the input for subsequent flow elements. Please click here for more details about the Create VDP Package Action and Properties.

Run Custom Script Action

This Action can be used to run a custom JavaScript, and can be helpful for pre-processing tasks such as data verification and cleansing. In addition to the Common Properties that also apply to this Action, there is only one Property that is unique to this Action, which is the full path to the JavaScript file to run. This single property is listed below.

Script Path [Default: None]
Full path to a JavaScript (.jsx or .jsxbin) file to run.