DesignMerge Pro for Enfocus Switch [Overview]

The DesignMerge Pro Configurator for Enfocus Switch allows you to completely automate any of your DesignMerge VDP processes. This article provides an overview of the system, and serves as a starting point for the installation and testing of your system.


Enfocus Switch is a workflow automation software product that provides a set of tools for building custom workflows, known simply as Flows. Every flow starts with some type of input, which is further processed by separate Flow Elements (also called Configurators) along the way. At each stop in a flow, the result of the process being executed can be evaluated for errors, and routed appropriately.

In a typical automation scenario, documents are first prepared using DesignMerge Pro and Adobe InDesign for the desktop. Variable Links and Rules are assigned within the document content, and the user can preview and preflight the document to prepare it for processing with Switch.

Once prepared, the Document, Data File, and associated Assets (static and variable graphics, imposition templates, etc.) are submitted as Input to a Switch Flow. These items are referred to as the Flow Input, or simply as the Job.

A Switch Flow that utilizes the DesignMerge Pro Configurator can be designed to preflight the input files, create multi-up versions of variable documents, and to merge data files with the document to produce PDF, PDF/VT or PPML output. The resulting output files can then be further routed to other Flow elements, such as a printer hot folder, PDF post-processing software, imposition, and more.


The DesignMerge Pro Configurator Quickstart page is the fastest way to get started. This page provides an overview of the installation procedure, with detailed videos and additional documentation to guide you through the process and help get you up and running quickly.  Please click here to access the DesignMerge Pro Configurator Quickstart page.


If you are already running the DesignMerge Pro Configurator, the following sections provide everything you need to start building out your DesignMerge Pro Flow, including the software and input requirements, Configurator downloads, Property specifications, and a nice set of example Flows.

Software Requirements

Following are the minimum software requirements for the DesignMerge Pro Configurator:

  1. One license of Adobe InDesign or Adobe InDesign Server Software
    The Configurator will work with both of these versions (Creative Cloud 2021 or newer). Choose the version that best suits your application and license requirements. The software must be installed onto the same computer that will be running the Enfocus Switch software, and must be dedicated to that process.
  2. One license of Enfocus Switch Software with Configurator Module
    Your license of Enfocus Switch software must include both the Switch Core Module and the Switch Configurator Module. Other Switch modules (e.g. the Switch Metadata Module) may be installed but are not required for use with the DesignMerge Pro Configurator.
  3. One license of DesignMerge Pro Software with the Scripting Module (dedicated to the Switch system)
    Your copy of DesignMerge Pro must be compatible with your copy of Adobe InDesign or Adobe InDesign Server. The DesignMerge Pro Scripting Module is also required in order to enable all Configurator Actions. When you run the DesignMerge Pro Installer, please be sure to select the Scripting Module when prompted to choose the optional modules to install. This DesignMerge Pro license should be dedicated for use on the system where Switch software will be installed.
  4. A second license of DesignMerge (Pro/Starter/Tagger) for template preparation
    In a typical configuration, the user will purchase a second license of DesignMerge software to use for the preparation, tagging and testing of templates. If you elect to utilize a single license of DesignMerge Pro for both Switch automation and template preparation, please be advised that we have experienced technical issues with this configuration at other customers (lockups, crashes, etc.) For clients attempting to use the same license of DesignMerge Pro for both Switch processing and template preparation at the same time, similar issues may be encountered that cannot be supported by our team. We strongly recommend the purchase of a second license to use for template preparation. This license can be a DesignMerge Pro, Starter, or Tagger license.

Hardware Requirements

DesignMerge Pro does not have any specific hardware requirements. Provided that the hardware platform you select is compatible with both Adobe InDesign and Enfocus Switch, the DesignMerge Pro software should perform well. For more information about maximizing your DesignMerge Pro performance, please visit

Supported Flow Input

Central to any Enfocus Switch Flow is the Input. The DesignMerge Configurator supports a number of different types of flow input. Examples of Inputs might be a data file (CSV, JSON, XML, etc.), or a folder full of files (also known as the Job Folder). Switch supports many different Flow elements for processing Input, such as a hot folder, FTP site, email, etc. Please click here for more details about supported Flow inputs.

Configurator Actions and Properties

The DesignMerge Pro Configurator supports several different Actions. Each instance of a DesignMerege element in a Switch Flow can be set up to execute a single Action. Each Action also includes a set of Properties, which are exclusive to the Action being performed. Please click here for more details about the DesignMerge Pro Configurator Actions and associated Properties.

Configurator Support

If you are currently evaluating the DesignMerge Pro Configurator and have any questions, please feel free to open a support ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.