How to reset Adobe InDesign preferences

When Adobe InDesign is behaving strangely, sometimes deleting the InDesign preferences (also referred to as resetting the preferences) often solves the problem. In fact, if you have experienced a number of InDesign crashes, it's probably a good idea to reset the preferences anyway. This article tells you how to do it.

To reset the InDesign Preferences, please follow these instructions:

  1. Quit Adobe InDesign.
  2. Hold down the following four keys:
    Macintosh Systems: Hold down the (Cmd + Ctrl + Option + Shift) keys
    Windows Systems: Hold down the (Ctrl + Alt + Shift) keys​
  3. Keep these four keys held down while you start up Adobe InDesign.
  4. You should get a prompt asking to confirm deletion of the preferences.
  5. Confirm that the preferences should be deleted.

Adobe InDesign will now launch with a brand new set of default preference settings.

If you do not see a prompt asking you to delete the preferences, then quit InDesign and try again. This can occur if InDesign did not detect that the key sequence was being held down, or perhaps the wrong keys were pressed.

Will this mess up my InDesign Preferences?

This reset procedure simply restores the standard Adobe InDesign application preferences to their default values. It does not affect workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, style sheets, or any of the other important settings you may have previously established. Don't be afraid! For more details about Adobe InDesign preferences, please see Restore all preferences and default settings on the Adobe web site.