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Meadows panel is not displaying as expected?


Is a Meadows panel (floating palette) not being displayed as you expect? For example, perhaps you can only see the top or bottom portion of the panel, or perhaps the panel has been moved to a location that is not visible on your screen. You can reset any panel to its default settings for display by following one of the suggestions below: 

  1. If you have a Workspace set up that will display the DesignMerge palette, open the InDesign Window menu and select that Workspace
  2. If you do not have a Workspace that will display the DesignMerge palette, you will need to reset your InDesign preferences. To reset your InDesign preferences, quit InDesign. Then, see the information below that applies to your operating system:
    • On a Macintosh system: Press Shift+Control+Option+Command while starting the InDesign application. 
    • On a Windows system: Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt while starting the InDesign application
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