How to restore the DesignMerge panels if they are not visible or displaying incorrectly?

This article provides instruction for restoring the screen position of the DesignMerge or other panels (a/k/a floating palettes) if the panel is no longer visible, or if it is displaying in an odd fashion. For example, perhaps you can only see the top or bottom portion of the panel, or perhaps the panel has been moved to a location that is not visible on your screen.

You can reset any panel to its default display location by following one of the suggestions below:

  1. First you can try selecting Window > Workspace and choose one of the available Workspaces, or reset your current Workspace. Sometimes selecting a different Workspace will restore the panel locations.
  2. If selecting a different Workspace does not work, next you can try to reset your Adobe InDesign preferences. To reset your InDesign preferences, please see the How to reset Adobe InDesign preferences for complete instructions.
  3. Another thing you can try is to also reset your DesignMerge Preferences. To do so, select DesignMerge > Options > Support Utilities > System Maintenance... and click the checkbox next to items 2) Reset DesignMerge Preferences and 3) Reset Default DDF. Click the Continue button when ready. You will need to restart InDesign after this.
  4. If you still cannot resolve this issue, then the only resolution remaining is to reinstall and activate the DesignMerge software.