Page numbering in DesignMerge output

DesignMerge provides a preference, Reset Page Numbering, to control which page numbers are assigned to merged pages. This is especially important if your document is using an InDesign automatic page number marker. You can access this preference on the DesignMerge Preferences dialog (DesignMerge > Preferences).


Please note that this setting applies only to the DesignMerge Build Document feature. The page numbering for printed output (PDF, PDF/VT, etc) will always be reset for each Page Set that is processed. If you need to adjust page numbering in print output, do not use the InDesign automatic page numbering. Instead please use one of the DesignMerge Functions, such as the Sheet Counter function.


If you select this preference (the default setting), then DesignMerge will reset the page numbering for each merged page set. For example, if you are merging a document that has two pages numbered “1” and “2” respectively, then the first page in every merged page set will be numbered “1” and the second page “2”. When using one of the DesignMerge print drivers, the recommended setting is for this preference to be checked.

If you deselect this preference, the next merge session will not reset page numbering. Using the same two-page example, the pages in the first merged page set will be numbered “1” and “2”, in the second merged page set “3” and “4”, in the third merged page set “5” and “6”, and so on.

This may be helpful when running a DesignMerge Build Document merge session on a document that is using the InDesign automatic page numbering feature to display a page number on each page.