How to submit a sample VDP job for technical support, analysis and testing

If you are submitting a variable data job for testing purposes, please ensure that you send all of the required files. Please follow the instructions below as these instructions will ensure that we receive all of the files necessary to fully test your job on our systems.


If you have already prepared your job using DesignMerge software, then you can collect all of the files very easily by creating a VDP Package. The VDP Packager feature is included in all versions of DesignMerge software. Please see the following web page for information about how to create a VDP Package from your DesignMerge job:

How to Create a VDP Package


If you do not yet have DesignMerge software, or if you have not prepared your documents with DesignMerge software, then please follow the steps below to collect all of the required files.

  1. Open the InDesign document, and package up all of the document content by selecting File > Package from under the Adobe InDesign File menu.
  2. Follow the prompts, and save the Package folder to your desktop. This folder will contain the InDesign Document, Linked Graphics, and Fonts.
  3. Next you need to include the required variable elements (the Data File and any Variable Graphics). Drag into the Package folder the data file (Excel file, tab-separated text, CSV file, etc.) that you wish to use. Also drag into the Package folder any variable graphics that may be referenced in the data file.
  4. Create a Zip archive of the entire folder and send only the Zip file to Meadows (see File Upload instructions below).


Once you have the Zip archive prepared, you can now upload the archive to Meadows. If you have a support ticket open, you can upload the file by attaching it to the support ticket (as long as the file is <30MB). For larger files, please submit the Zip file to the Meadows Upload Site. Full instructions for uploading the file can be found on the following web page:

How to Upload a File to Meadows

If you do use the File Upload method above, and if you have an open support ticket, please also reply to the support ticket just to give us a heads-up that the files have been sent. Thank you!