How to submit a sample VDP job to Meadows

This document provides instructions for submitting a Variable Data or other job to the Meadows team for evaluation or demo purposes. Please follow the instructions below as these instructions will ensure that we receive all of the files necessary to run your job on our systems.


Unless otherwise instructed by our team, please submit all of the following files for review.

File(s) Description
Adobe InDesign Document
(plus all required assets)

If you have an Adobe InDesign document version of your sample job, that would be ideal! Please use the InDesign Package feature to collect everything required into a folder, and then create a Zip file of that folder. Please note that you still need to manually add the other required resources (Data File and Variable Graphics) into the package folder before Zipping it. Click here for details about how to use the InDesign Package feature.

DesignMerge Pro Users: If you have already prepared your job using DesignMerge software, then you can collect ALL of the files (including the Data File and Variable Graphics) very easily by creating a VDP Package. The VDP Packager feature is included in all versions of DesignMerge software. Click here for details about how to use the DesignMerge VDP Packager feature.

Data File
(Text or Excel file)

For variable data jobs, please provide a sample of the data you will be using. This can be provided as a text file (for example, a CSV or a tab-separated text file), or an Excel spreadsheet file.
Variable Graphics If your sample job will be using any external variable graphics or other assets, please provide those as well. We suggest placing all graphic files into a folder, and then create a Zip file of the folder. 
Other Files For all other files (sample PDF files, specifications, printed examples, etc.) place all files into a separate folder and create a Zip file of the folder.


Once you have a folder with all of the files you wish to submit, please create a Zip file of the entire folder and send only the Zip file. This will ensure that we receive everything required for the job.

Support Ticket Upload

If you have a support ticket open, you can upload the file by attaching it to the support ticket (as long as the file is <30MB). For larger files, use the Meadows Upload Site as described in the next section.

Using the Meadows Upload Site

Files can be sent to Meadows using our Uploads Site available at Please follow the instructions below to use the Meadows Upload Site.

  1. Visit the Meadows Upload Site at
  2. Click the ‘+’ button (next to Upload files) and select the file(s) you wish to upload
    You will be prompted to select the files that you wish to send. The file size limit is 2GB.
  3. Always send to the default email
    Simply send the files to as shown below. This will guarantee that every member of our team will be notified once the files arrive.
  4. Enter your Email, and a brief Message
    Enter your own email address, and let us know what you are sending in the message area. If you have the name of a contact person at Meadows, please let us know that as well.
  5. Click the Transfer Button
    Now just click the Transfer button, and send away!
    Support Ticket Note: If you have an open support ticket, please also reply to the support ticket just to give us a heads-up that the files have been sent. Thank you!