How to use the Adobe InDesign Package feature

This article describes how to use the built-in Adobe InDesign Package feature. The Package feature will collect all of the assets required for an Adobe InDesign document, including the Document, Linked Graphics, and Fonts. All of the items will be saved into a newly-created folder. The folder can then be Zipped and sent to our team for review.


Please follow the steps below to create an Adobe InDesign package folder.

  1. Open the InDesign document.
  2. Select File > Package... from under the Adobe InDesign File menu.
  3. Follow the prompts, and save the Package folder to your desktop.
    The Package folder will contain the InDesign DocumentLinked Graphics, and Fonts. If you will be submitting the package folder to Meadows for evaluation as a Variable Data job, please also drag into the Package folder the Data File (or Excel document) along with any Variable Graphics (if required for our team to evaluate the job).
  4. Create a Zip archive of the entire Package folder and send only the Zip file to Meadows.