Can DesignMerge delete empty table rows?

Yes, this can be achieved by adding the the DesignMerge Pro Pack to your DesignMerge Pro Software Order.  

The DesignMerge Pro Pack provides a set of utility functions or modules that have been integrated with DesignMerge (and AutoPrice) to perform various variable data tasks. The Pro Pack modules can be used with any version of DesignMerge (or AutoPrice), and represent a very powerful set of tools for specific VDP applications. 

One of the modules that the Pro Pack provides is the Collapse Empty Table Rows module. A description of this module, and the other modules that the Pro Pack provides, is provided below. 

To request the DesignMerge Pro Pack, contact your Meadows Technical Sales Representative or send an email to

Collapse Empty Table Rows

For clients that are producing variable tables, it is often convenient to create them using the InDesign Table feature. Each cell of the table can be filled with variable data imported by DesignMerge. Some clients prefer that when table rows do not contain any variable data, they be removed form the table to create a nice, clean look. This module automatically scans a document before it its printed, and removes empty table rows for tables that have been merged with data from DesignMerge. 

Advanced Title Case Conversion

This module performs advanced title case conversion on any variable text string being imported. The module handles simple initial case conversion (JOHN JONES becomes John Jones), but also has a built-in table for handing more complex names, which is nice for the McCormick's and MacDonald's of the world!

Multi-Page Text Flow

DesignMerge already supports the flow of variable text across pages in a document, but what about those records that do not include enough text to span to the second page? In most instances, it is sometimes desirable to exclude that second page from the print run. This module assists in the process by automatically detecting such text flows, and marking the page for omission from the variable print stream. 

Price Parsing Module

Many of the variable jobs encountered by DesignMerge and AutoPrice involve variable pricing information. This module provides a method for selectively grabbing just a portion of a particular price. For example, if a client has "2 for 1" pricing, this module allows them to selectively merge just the '2' and the '1' portion of the data independently, allowing for precise styling of this data after import. The price parser module handles many common retail scenarios, including standard pricing and percent-off pricing.