Can DesignMerge format variable price data that is not in a dollar and cents format?

Yes, this can be achieved by adding the the DesignMerge Pro Pack to your DesignMerge Pro Software Order.  

The DesignMerge Pro Pack provides a set of utility functions or modules that have been integrated with DesignMerge to perform various variable data tasks. The Pro Pack modules can be used with any version of DesignMerge, and represent a very powerful set of tools for specific VDP applications. 

One of the modules that the Pro Pack provides is the Price Parsing module. A description of this module is provided below. 

Price Parsing

Many of the variable jobs encountered by DesignMerge involve variable pricing information. This module provides a method for selectively grabbing just a portion of a particular price. For example, if a client has "2 for 1" pricing, this module allows them to selectively merge just the '2' and the '1' portion of the data independently, allowing for precise styling of this data after import. The price parser module handles many common retail scenarios, including standard pricing and percent-off pricing.