CopyFit changes are not resetting between records

DesignMerge provides a CopyFitting feature that can be applied during a merge session to adjust text automatically to fit within an area. DesignMerge also provides the ability to preview or test data being merged into a document before you commit to producing variable data print output. Among these special types of merge sessions, Data Preview is the only one that can reset a document automatically before another record is merged into it.

If changes are being retained when you run a Data Preview, then open the DesignMerge Preferences dialog (DesignMerge > Preferences) and confirm the Use Print Simulation for Preview check box is selected (or deselect this check box if you prefer Data Preview not undo changes.

When you run any of the other types of merge sessions that preview or test data, you can undo any changes that the merge made to the document by applying the InDesign Undo action (Edit > Undo) or by reverting the document to its last saved version (File > Revert).

Below is a list of the types of preview and test merge sessions that do not automatically undo changes to the document:

  • Longest Line Test
  • Shortest Line Test
  • Proof Variable Links
  • Build Document
  • Update Document

For more information about these various types of merge sessions and CopyFit, see DesignMerge Documentation.