CopyFit changes are not resetting between records

If you run a Data Preview Test or a Merge Current Document Test merge session that has been set up to apply CopyFit, and CopyFit applies formatting changes when the session merges a record into the document, then these CopyFit changes will be retained and not reset when new records are merged into the document.


Please note that a Data Preview Test merge session allows you to test changes to the layout during the session. You do not have to quit Data Preview to make a change to the document and then start a new Data Preview to test the revised document. Any change to the document is retained and will be applied when Data Preview merges the next step of records into the document. Therefore, if CopyFit changes the formatting of any variable text, that formatting will be retained and applied to any other records that are merged into the document. 


TIP #1: If you are using DesignMerge for InDesign and would prefer to test a document without retaining any changes that are made during the test session, run a Print Preview Test merge session instead of a Data Preview Test merge session. A Print Preview Test merge session automatically refreshes the document while merging records into the document. Additionally, the document will be automatically returned to its original state when you close the Print Preview session.


TIP #2: Another way to view CopyFit results is to run a Build Document merge session on a suitable range of records. You will then be able to view the merged pages for these records in the Built Document. When finished, revert the Built Document back to its original state before you merge this document again.


For more information about Data Preview, Print Preview, and Build Document, see Tutorial #1a (The Basics) in the DesignMerge Tutorial manual, which is available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.