I need help finding an overset text box (overset text frame)

You can use CopyFit to find overset text boxes (overset text frames) in a document.


To do this, simply open the document and the CopyFit palette.


Enlarge the view of the document to ease your view of the document's content.


Then, click the Find First button on the CopyFit palette.


CopyFit will find the first Overset Box in the document and this box will become the object that is currently selected in the document. Also, if CopyFit did find a box that is overset in the document, then the Find Next and Find Previous buttons will become available to find additional overset boxes in the document.


TIP: If the Find Next or Find Previous buttons do not become available after you click Find First, then there are no overset boxes in the document.


For more information about CopyFit, see the CopyFit Manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.