How to Install a Newer (or Older) Version of Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud

Installing a different version of Adobe InDesign

Sometimes you may want to downgrade your current version of Adobe InDesign, or you may wish to upgrade Adobe InDesign to the most current version.

First, please be sure that your Meadows software is available for the version of Adobe InDesign that you wish to install. The current versions are all listed on our downloads page.

The instructions below assume that you have some version of Adobe InDesign CC already installed on your system, and you wish to revert back to a previous version of Adobe InDesign CC, or upgrade to a newer version of Adobe InDesign CC.

1) Start up your current version of Adobe InDesign CC

2) Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application

To do this, while running your current version of Adobe InDesign, select "Updates..." from under the InDesign "Help" menu. This will open the "Adobe Creative Cloud" application window.

3) From the Creative Cloud window, select the "Apps" menu.

This will display the list of applications that are installed on your system. Note that you may need to sign in to your Adobe account using your Adobe ID at this point.

4) Locate "Adobe InDesign" in the list of apps

You should see in the Adobe Creative Cloud application window a list of available and installed Adobe applications. Scroll down until you find the "Adobe InDesign" application in this list.

5) Click the small "down arrow" next to the "Open" button

There should be a button next to Adobe InDesign in the list. This button will likely read "Open" if you are running a current version of InDesign. On the right side of the Open button will be a small "down arrow" icon. Click on the down arrow to reveal another menu.

6) Select "Other Versions" from this menu

From the menu under the down arrow, select the "Other Versions" entry.

7) Select the version of InDesign you desire and click the "Install" link

You should be presented with a list of available InDesign versions at this point. Each version should have an "Install" link next to it (or an "Open" link if the application has already been installed on your system). Click the Install link next to the version that you wish to install.

Note: If you do not see your desired version listed here, try logging out of your Adobe account, restarting the computer, and then repeating the above steps. If your version is still not listed, one possibility might be that the computer operating system you are running does not support the version you wish to install. In this case that particular version may not even be listed as available. If your system requirements are correct, you will need to contact Adobe at this point for further assistance.

8) Optional: Click "Advanced Options" (to keep your older version of Adobe InDesign around)

At this point you may see an "Advanced Options" link. If you want to keep your older version of Adobe InDesign around (recommended), then uncheck the option that will "Replace older versions". This will leave your current version unmodified and available for later use.

9) The installation should begin

The version of InDesign you selected should be added to the list. You should see a progress bar appear next to this as it is being downloaded. Follow the prompts (if any). When the progress bar is finished, you should see the new version available in the list with an option to "Open" the application.

This completes the installation of Adobe InDesign. For additional information and to see screenshots of the update window, please click the following link:



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