Important Notes on the InDesign 2021 Update


If you would like to retain your current version of Adobe InDesign 2020 (or earlier versions of InDesign CC) when installing Adobe InDesign 2021, please see the details below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to fill out a support ticket at Thank you for your continued support of our software products!

Adobe Installer Removes Previous Versions By Default

When you update to InDesign 2021, the installer will remove your previous version(s) of InDesign. This is a default behavior.

To retain your older version of InDesign, follow these steps when you perform the update:

1) Initiate the update (Click the "Update" button on the Creative Cloud window).

2) Display the "Advanced Options" on the "You're updating to InDesign CC" window.

3) Deselect the "Remove old versions" option (uncheck this check box).

Now the update will place the software into a new folder within your Applications folder, and you can continue to operate your Meadows software in the older version of Adobe InDesign CC that you are currently using.

For additional information and to see screenshots of the update window, please click the following link:

How To Re-Install Previous Versions of InDesign CC

If the update removed a previous version of InDesign CC and you need to re-install it, you can still do so by following the steps outlined below:

You will also need to re-install your Meadows software for that version of InDesign.