How do I deactivate my copy of DesignMerge or other Meadows software?

This document describes how to deactivate an entire Meadows DesignMerge installation and also how to deactivate individual Meadows plug-in modules that may be installed as optional modules in your DesignMerge installation. Once the software has been deactivated, you can delete the software (so that it no longer prompts for activation), install the software onto a different computer, or re-install the software onto the same computer.

Deactivation may also allow you to activate the software on a different computer. For example, some Meadows software products, including DesignMerge Pro and DesignMerge Catalog, allow you to transfer the software license between different computers. To do this, you must first deactivate the license on the computer where it has been installed. Once deactivated, the software can then be installed and activated on a different computer. Note that the platform (Macintosh or Windows) must be the same between computers. The software license does not allow activation across more than one platform.


To deactivate DesignMerge Pro or DesignMerge Catalog software, please do the following:

  1. Open the DesignMerge menu and choose Help > About DesignMerge. This will open the About DesignMerge window.
  2. To deactivate DesignMerge (and all DesignMerge optional modules), simply click the Deactivate button and follow the prompts.

Your DesignMerge software has now been deactivated and you may use your Order Code to install the software onto a different computer (or reinstall onto the same computer).

NOTE: you may wish to make a copy of the Order Code that is presented in the About window as this code will be required in order to re-activate your software.


Sometimes, you may wish to deactivate only a specific plug-in module, but leave the rest of the DesignMerge installation operational. For example, perhaps you have licensed the Squinch Reporter Module for DesignMerge Catalog, and you wish to move this module to a different DesignMerge computer.

To deactivate a specific Meadows plug-in module, without deactivating the entire DesignMerge installation, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the About Plug-Ins menu from the InDesign menu on Macintosh or the Help menu on Windows.
  2. Expand the sub-menu called Meadows Publishing Solutions.
  3. You will see a list of all Meadows plug-in modules installed on your system. Choose the module that you wish to deactivate. This will open the About window for that software.
  4. To deactivate the module, simply click the Deactivate button and follow the prompts.

Your module has now been deactivated and can be activated anew on the same or a different computer system.


Deactivating the software or an individual module does not remove the Meadows software from your system. If you want to permanently remove the software from your system (so it does not attempt to load when InDesign starts up), please see the following article:

 How to remove or uninstall Meadows software from Adobe InDesign


We understand that sometimes computers crash, or an InDesign software update removes a previous version of the software before you have had a chance to deactivate your Meadows software. If you would like us to manually deactivate your Meadows software product, please contact Meadows Technical Support.


If you encounter an error message regarding the current activation status of a Meadows software installation, you may be able to resolve the error by resetting the installation's activation without deactivating its license.

Note that after applying this option, you will need to use the Activation Order Code that is currently assigned to this installation. One way to see your installation's Order Code is to open the About DesignMerge window for the software (DesignMerge > About DesignMerge). If you do not know the Order Code and cannot access the About DesignMerge window, please contact Meadows Technical Support

Then, reinstall the software. This can be accomplished by downloading the appropriate software installer from our web site (Meadows Downloads Page), and running the installer on your system.

After running the installer, your installation's current activation status will be reset. The next time you run Adobe InDesign, you will be prompted to enter your Order Code to activate the software anew. You must enter the same Order Code that was used to activate the previous installation. 


If you have any difficulty at all, we are here to help. Please feel free to open a support ticket by going to the Meadows Online Support Center:

Meadows Technical Support