Meadows software is warning my Activation/Order Code is invalid

This information will assist you in troubleshooting why you are seeing a warning that the Code you entered is invalid. For other types of activation issues, search for other Knowledgebase Articles or open a Support Ticket on the Meadows Help Desk (

The first time you start InDesign or QuarkXPress with a new installation of Meadows software, one or more Meadows modules will prompt you to enter an Activation Code or an Order Code. If you are applying the manual activation method, individual modules require their own separate and distinct Activation Code. If you are applying the online activation method, individual modules may be activated with the same Order Code. You will have received an email message from Meadows Publishing Solutions that provides you the Activation Code(s) or Order Code(s) for all of the modules that you ordered in your software package. 

When using your Code(s) to activate a new installation of the software, if a module warns you that the Code you entered is invalid, you may find the following information helpful: 

1) Confirm that you have installed the appropriate version of the software. Activation Codes are unique to  a specific version of InDesign or specific system; Order Codes may be bound to a specific version of InDesign or specific system. The file name of the Meadows software installation file that you downloaded will indicate the required version of InDesign and required operating system of that Meadows software. Additionally, this information is presented on the first page that the installer displays.

2) Confirm the name of the module that is displayed on the activation dialog window matches the product name listed above the Code that you are using. Also, match the platform information (for example, confirm the operating system and page layout application that is listed in the email message matches the location where you have installed your Meadows software). 

3) If you copied/pasted the Code, for example, from an email message, try entering it manually via the keyboard to ensure invisible characters are not being pasted into the box. When entering the Code manually, please note that the taller Ø or 0 character represents the number zero and the shorter "o" character represents the lower-case alpha character o. 

NOTE: If you did not receive a Code for a module, then you may run the module in Demo mode, or you may prefer to uninstall it. If you prefer to uninstall a module, see the Introduction to the Software document, available in PDF format in the software's Documentation package ( This document provides the file name of the plug-in file for each module that is available in that software package. Once you know the file name, then go to your InDesign Plug-Ins/Meadows folder and delete that plug-in file. If you have installed a Windows version of Meadows software for InDesign, also delete the corresponding resources folder that shares the same name. 

If you would like assistance in activating your Meadows software successfully, please open a Support Ticket ( When doing so, please include the product name, serial number, and Activation Code or Order Code information that you received to activate your Meadows software and also include information (or screenshots) of any warning or error messages that you see when you try to activate this software. 

If you would like to receive an activation code for a Meadows module, please contact Meadows Sales (; 847-882-8202; 888-983-6746).