How do I install an optional module for AutoPrice or DesignMerge?

If you have already installed the Meadows AutoPrice or DesignMerge software, then to add an optional module to that installation, simply run the AutoPrice/DesignMerge installer in Custom Mode.

If you no longer have a copy of the installer, you are welcome to download one from the Meadows Downloads web page ( Please note that if you are downloading an installer and the installer is for a more recent version of the AutoPrice/DesignMerge software than the version you have currently installed, then we recommend installing all of the software, instead of installing only optional modules. 

To install an optional module, or both required and optional modules, in the Meadows AutoPrice or DesignMerge software package, follow these steps:

STEP 1) Before launching the installer, quit the page layout application (Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress) where you have AutoPrice/DesignMerge installed.

STEP 2) Launch the AutoPrice/DesignMerge installer.

STEP 3) The instructions for this step differ depending on whether you wish to install only optional modules or wish to install both required and optional modules:

   - To install only optional modules: When the installer displays the page where you can select the type of installation, change "Easy/Typical" to "Custom." This will allow you to see a list of the Optional Modules where you can select the ones you wish to add to your current AutoPrice/DesignMerge installation.

   - To install both required and optional modules: Leave the Installation Type set to "Easy/Typical." 

TIP: You do not need to reinstall the AutoPrice/DesignMerge security key software; however, if you should choose to do so, remember to unplug your security key from your system before continuing.

STEP 4) When the installer has finished, launch the page layout application where AutoPrice/DesignMerge is installed. New modules will prompt you to enter their activation codes. When prompted by a module, enter the activation code that you received for that module. If you have not received a code, you are welcome to run the module in Demo mode instead.

STEP 5) Restart your page layout application. A fully activated optional module will no longer prompt you to enter a code to activate it and you should see no warnings or errors. A Demo copy will always prompt you to enter a code each time you start your page layout application. To continue the demo, you do not need to enter any information; simply click the "Continue Demo" button. 

If you should encounter any problems installing the software or have any questions about these instructions, please open a Support Ticket by going to the Meadows Support web page ( and clicking on "Open a Support Ticket."