Printing problem when using the PostScript Driver? Confirm you have selected a PostScript PPD.

To avoid unexpected problems when using the DesignMerge PostScript Driver, confirm that you have selected a PostScript PPD on the Print window. You may encounter unexpected results if you select "Device-Independent Driver" or a non-PostScript Driver for the PPD, or if you do not have any PPD selected on the Print window for the PostScript Driver output.

Please note that the PostScript Driver manual provides the following information regarding the requirements for the PostScript Driver: The workstation where the PostScript Driver will be running must have installed a PostScript printer or PostScript PPD that is available for selection for the PostScript Driver output.

For more details regarding selecting options for the PostScript Driver, as well as helpful tips, please see the PostScript Driver manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder that the DesignMerge installer places by default in your Applications or Program Files folder.