DesignMerge PostScript output is not printing at the correct paper size.

The paper size of DesignMerge PostScript output is determined by the Paper Size setting that you select on the Print window. Select a specific Paper Size. Do not select Defined by Driver.


If you have selected the appropriate Paper Size on the Print window and the PostScript output is still not printing at the correct paper size, your selected PPD's default Paper Size may be causing a conflict with the Paper Size that you selected on the Print window. Review your selected PPD's default settings to confirm the default Paper Size is appropriate, or select a different PPD for the PostScript output. 


Also, confirm that the Paper Size property on the print controller or processing application has been set correctly for this job.


For more information about using the DesignMerge PostScript Driver, please see the PostScript Driver manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.