Why are zeroes dropped from prices after update?

AutoPrice does not reformat field data coming from the database file except in cases where the optional Translation Table and Price Styling features have been enabled by the user. The intention of AutoPrice is to put exactly what is in the database file into the layout document when the update is done.

If you are seeing zeroes dropping from prices after doing the update within AutoPrice:

1) Confirm you have not assigned a Price Style that has been set up to drop 0 cents or 0 dollars.

2) Then, verify the formatting of the field data by looking at your data file in a text editor to visually verify how the prices are formatted. NOTE: Programs such has Microsoft Excel have formatting options that can be applied to the different columns of data in the spreadsheet. The answer to this condition is generally that Excel is showing you zeroes when you exported the data to a delimited text file, but is automatically omitting these zeros when you open the delimited text file in MS Excel for viewing and/or editing.