Why are zeroes dropped from merged prices?

DesignMerge does not modify data except in cases where the DesignMerge Price Styling or Rules feature has been applied. If zeroes are dropping from merged prices, please check the following:

  1. Confirm you have not assigned a DesignMerge price style that has been set up to drop 0 cents or 0 dollars.
  2. Confirm you have not assigned a DesignMerge rule that is changing the data.
  3. Verify the data includes the zeroes by opening your data file in a plain text editing application (for example, TextEdit or Notepad) to verify visually the prices in the data file.

Please note, if you are opening a delimited text file in Microsoft Excel, Excel may automatically modify numeric data in that file, including converting a number that contained a zero to a number that no longer contains zeroes. You can avoid this by following the instructions provided in the How to open a delimited text data file safely in Microsoft Excel knowledgebase article.