How do you put a $ in front of a price? How do you put a £ in front of a price?

Each AutoPrice placeholder in the document uses a Variable Link reference, that is defined in that document's DDF. The Variable Links have settings for Prefix and Suffix, so you can set up a Variable Link to add a dollar symbol ($) or any other text in front of the data that the Link receives from the database.

To do this, edit the DDF that is currently used by the document.

1) Display the document in InDesign.

2) Open the "AutoPrice" menu and select "Setup => Database Definitions" -- this will open the "Database Definitions" dialog.

3) The "Current DDF" setting in the top left corner of the "Database Definitions" dialog should be the name of the DDF that is being used by the document.

4) Click the "Edit" button that is on the "Database Definitions" dialog. This opens the "Edit Database Definition" dialog.

5) Click the Variable Links button that is near the bottom of the "Edit Database Definition" dialog. This opens the "Variable Links" dialog.

6) The left side of the "Variable Links" dialog displays the list of Variable Links that are currently available for use in this document's DDF. Select the name of the Variable Link whose settings you wish to change. This will display that Link's settings on the right side of the dialog.

7) You can now set a Prefix and/or Suffix that will be applied when the link is updated. For example, to add a dollar symbol as a prefix to the data, check the "Add Prefix" check box and then enter a dollar symbol in the corresponding edit box. 

8) When ready, click "OK" to close the "Variable Links" dialog, then the "Edit Database Definition" dialog, and the "Database Definitions" dialog. 

9) To confirm your setting, select one occurrence in the document of the Variable Link whose settings you changed and then click the "Update" button on the AutoPrice palette to update just that one Link.