An error occurred trying to access the Meadows Online activation system

If you are receiving an error while trying to activate one of your Meadows software products, this article provides a few steps to help track down the problem.


All Meadows software products are activated online, which means that an internet connection is required. Once activated, Meadows software products also continue to communicate with the activation server on a periodic basis. If you do not have an active internet connection, you will not be able to activate your Meadows software.


The process of activating MPS software products uses standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol in the following configuration:

Port: 443 (default SSL port #)

Activation Page URL:

Method: POST

Timeout: 2 minutes 

It may be necessary open this port and whitelist this URL information in a firewall configuration to allow MPS software to reach the activation server and activate properly.


Verify Internet Access

The Meadows online activation system uses standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on port 443, which ensures that your registration data is encrypted. This protocol and port combination is commonly used on many web sites on the internet. Please confirm your system internet connection settings are not preventing you from establishing an https connection. For example, try going to this web site page:

If successful, this web site page should display the protocol and port that was used to get to this site, as shown below:

Test Successful!
Protocol: Secure (HTTPS)
Port: 443

Check Firewall Settings

If you cannot access the web page listed above, or if you receive a single-digit error code (for example, [-7]) when trying to activate your software, you may have a firewall issues. Please tell your IT department that you need to have the following access in order to activate and use your Meadows software products:


Port: 443

If your company has a firewall, this should not be blocking port 443, which is commonly used for secure https connections. If your company maintains a "whitelist" of allowable web sites, please be sure to add "" to that list.

Check for Proxy Servers

Confirm your system and network is not using a proxy server and that both your network's firewall settings and your computer's firewall settings will allow your system to communicate with the "" web site.

Remote Activation Issues

If you are attempting to activate the software via remote login, please try activating instead from the actual desktop computer where the software is being installed.

Anti-Virus Software

It is possible that your anti-virus software may be interfering with the Meadows software installation. You may wish to try turning off your anti-virus software before attempting to activate your Meadows software product.

Still Having Issues?

If the above recommendations do not resolve the activation issue that you are encountering, please open a Support Ticket. On your ticket, provide the following information:

  1. The Order Code that you are using
  2. A copy of any error messages that are displayed when you are trying to activate the software
  3. The information that is displayed when you try to go to the Connection Test page:


Last update: November 23, 2022