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Manual and Samples on Meadows Index Builder software for Adobe InDesign
The Meadows Index Builder manual and accompanying sample files are now available online in the Meadows AutoPrice documentation package! You may use the link below to access the Meadows Documentation page where you will find links to download the lat...
What file formats does Index Builder work with?
Index Builder documents are InDesign or QuarkXPress documents that have been tagged with level and manufacturer keywords using the MPS Index Tagger palette. Index Builder keywords shown in the MPS Index Tagger palette can be imported from, or exporte...
Can styles be applied to the levels of the index?
Yes, by using the Styles section of the Preferences available from the menu or the MPS Tagger palette, various style tags can be associated to the different levels of the index that is created. The formatting for the styles is accomplished using MPS ...
Duplicate Index Levels in Built Index
If you are seeing duplicate Index Levels in a Built Index, check to see if one of these Levels in the Built Index contains any invisible characters, such as a space. If content has been tagged with an Index Level that contains for example a trailing...
The New Entry and Replace buttons are not available on Index Tagger palette
If the "New Entry" and the "Replace" buttons on the "MPS Index Tagger" floating palette are not available for use,  confirm that you have selected list items on the top of the palette from either or both the Manufacturer list and the Index list(...

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