Where do I find the USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code font?

Where do I find the USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code font?




DesignMerge® Pro is a powerful suite of variable-data printing and data publishing software for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, that includes the ability to automatically produce variable USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Codes.


Other major features of DesignMerge include automatic copy-fitting, advanced conditional programming (Rules), and multi-up imposition support. DesignMerge supports all of the major variable data output formats, including PostScript, PPML, PDF/VT, and Creo VPS and is compatible with printers from every major vendor.


In addition, DesignMerge can also be extended to produce variable 2D Bar Codes (QR Codes, PDF417, and Data Matrix) and other types of Linear Bar Codes (Code 128, UPC, Code 39, etc.). DesignMerge is great for creating personalized publications such as invitations, business cards, certificates, custom catalogs, etc.


For more information about DesignMerge, go to http://www.designmerge.com.




You can acquire the font for USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Codes (barcodes) from the USPS. The font can be used in conjuction with DesignMerge, and with valid intelligent mail encoded data. For more information about the type of data required for Intelligent Mail bar coding, please see the article https://meadowsps.hesk.com/knowledgebase.php?article=61




You may download the USPS Intelligent Mail bar code by visiting the following web site:




  1. scroll down and select the download link for the following zip file for non-PCL TrueType formats of the font: uspsFontsNonAFP-1.4.0.zip

  2. Expand the ZIP file.

  3. Open the fonts/scalable/trueType folder within the download. The TrueType fonts can be installed on a Macintosh or Windows system.

  4. Right-mouse-click on the USPSIMBStandard.ttf file and select Install from the context menu.

  5. Right-mouse-click on the USPSIMBCompact.ttf file and select Install from the context menu.


As mentioned, there are two different fonts provided and you can use either one of them. Just be aware of the recommended point sizes for each font, as described below:

  • Scalable Standard fonts are USPS compliant when printed at 16 or 17pt, but 16pt is the recommended point size. If possible, it is always recommended that you use the Standard size font.

  • Scalable Compact fonts are USPS compliant and can be used when there is not enough space to accommodate the full size Standard font. The Compact fonts can be used when printed at 14, 15 or 16pt. However, please be aware that only the barcode string of the scalable 14pt Compact fonts is less than 3 inches, and these barcode strings risk non-compliance when printed on imprecise printers, so be sure to test them!

For information about the data for an Intelligent Mail barcode, see the Data for a USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code (barcode) Knowledgebase Article.



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