Linear and 2D Bar Code Training Video and Resources

This article provides a training video that fully describes the process of creating variable Linear and 2D bar codes with DesignMerge software for Adobe InDesign. The article includes a video tutorial that describes the entire bar code creation process, including the process of styling and sizing linear bar codes to fit within a specified area.


The instructions presented here are for Adobe InDesign 2022 and NEWER versions of the software. If you are running an older version of Adobe InDesign, please click here to visit the Legacy Bar Code Documentation on this site.


The following training video starts with a brief introduction to bar coding in general, followed by several in-depth examples that take you through the process of creating and styling both Linear and 2D bar codes. You can use the Chapters feature of the video to jump to a specific section of interest.


Please use the table below to access the documentation and the fonts required for the DesignMerge Linear or 2D Bar Code modules. The Linear Bar Code Module documentation includes a detailed table that describes the appropriate data and font to use for each bar code type. The 2D Bar Code Module documentation provides step-by-step instructions for creating 2D bar codes, along with special instructions for handling GS1 Data Matrix and other bar code formats.

Bar Code Module Resources
Click to view the Linear Bar Code Module Documentation
Click to view the Linear Bar Code Summary Table
Click to view the 2D Bar Code Module Documentation
Click to download the Fonts for the Linear and 2D Bar Code Modules