What is a DDF Set?

A DDF Set is a collection of Data Source Definitions (DDFs), which are a feature of the DesignMerge software from Meadows Publishing Solutions. A DDF holds all of the setup for your DesignMerge document, including the layout of your data file, and all of your Variable Link and Rule definitions.

To see your DDF Set, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the DesignMerge menu and select Setup > Database Definitions. This will open the Data Source Definitions (DDF) dialog. 
  2. The Current DDF pop-up menu on the Data Source Definitions (DDF) dialog will automatically display the name of the DDF that is currently selected for use with a document.
  3. Open the Current DDF pop-up menu to see a list of the DDFs that are in your DDF Set. A new installation of DesignMerge will have a DDF Set that contains only one DDF, named Document

Depending upon your DesignMerge preferences and settings, the Data Source Definitions (DDF) dialog allows you to Add, Rename, Delete, Setup, and Edit DDFs. This dialog also allows you to select which DDF is the Current DDF for a document and which data file you would like the Current DDF to use when merging or updating variable links in a document. 

Additionally, you can export or import a DDF Set for the purposes of backup or to share your DDF Set with other DesignMerge users:

  • Export DDF Set creates a .DDF file that contains a copy of all of the DDFs in your DDF Set. Any DesignMerge installation can then import that DDF Set. Do not edit this file; editing this file may destroy it. 
  • Import DDF Set will replace all of the DDFs in your DDF Set with the DDFs in the imported DDF file. Importing a DDF Set will permanently delete all of the DDFs that are in your current DDF Set. Therefore, you may prefer to export your current DDF Set before you import one.

For more information about DesignMerge Data Source Definitions, see Tutorial #1 (The Basics), which is available in DesignMerge Documentation. To download DesignMerge Documentation, use the link below to go to the Meadows Downloads page where you will find links to download documentation for various Meadows software products, including DesignMerge Pro and DesignMerge Catalog: 

Meadows Downloads Page