Questions about the new DesignMerge Document DDF?

The Document DDF is a new type of DDF that is available in the latest version of DesignMerge for InDesign CC 2014 and CC 2015. This DDF is a specialized DDF is that is always present for any user to use. The Document DDF automatically loads the DDF settings that were last used on a document when you open that document. This ensures you are using the latest settings that were applied to that document. If you open a different document, the Document DDF's settings will change when that document is being edited to match the DDF settings that were stored inside that document. Using the Document DDF ensures any DesignMerge user is always using the DDF settings that were last stored in that document. By default, your user configuration is set to always use the Document DDF. 

However, all previous and current versions of the Pro edition of DesignMerge also allow you to continue using Custom DDFs (DDFs that you add to your set of DDFs). To do so, you must first change your DesignMerge Preferences so that your configuration is not always using the Document DDF. To do this, open the "DesignMerge" menu and choose "Preferences…" This will open the DesignMerge "Preferences" dialog. In the upper left corner of the dialog is a box presenting "General" Preferences. You will see a preference option in this list named "Always Use Document DDF" and it will be On (checked) by default. If you would like to use Custom DDFs as well as the Document DDF, whichever you prefer for a document, turn this preference off (uncheck the box). Then click "OK" to save this change while closing your Preferences dialog.

You will now be able to select a Custom DDF as the "Current DDF" on the "Database Definitions" dialog. Also, if you open a document that was last saved while assigned a Custom DDF and that Custom DDF does not yet exist in your DesignMerge set of DDFs, DesignMerge will report this DDF as a 'Missing DDF' and when you open the "Database Definitions" dialog, DesignMerge will prompt whether you wish to re-create the DDF. Click "Yes" and then the Custom DDF that the document last used will be added to your set of DDFs.

For more detailed information, download the latest version of DesignMerge Documentation (, which provides a manual in PDF format that discusses DesignMerge Database Definitions.

To learn about all of the enhancements provided in the latest versions of the DesignMerge software package, see the DesignMerge Release Notes. There is a link to the Release Notes on the DesignMerge Downloads page; or, for your convenience, you may use the following link to go to the DesignMerge Release Notes page: