ODBC Module Won't Load

If you have installed the optional Meadows ODBC plug-in module for Adobe InDesign, and the module will not load at startup, this generally means that the required "iODBC Framework" is missing. Here is how to debug and repair this issue.

The first thing to check of course is that you have properly installed the MPS ODBC module. To do so, look in the "Plug-Ins/Meadows" folder for the ODBC module plug-in (called "MPS ODBC Module.InDesignPlugin"). If it is not there, then re-run the AutoPrice or DesignMerge Catalog installer in custom mode and add the ODBC module to your system.

If the module is available in the plug-ins folder, but you are experiencing one of the following issues...

a) You are never prompted to activate the MPS ODBC Module

b) The MPS ODBC Module does not appear in the list of active plug-in modules (available under the InDesign>>About Plug-ins menu)

c) You select Setup > ODBC... from under the DesignMerge menu, and you are warned that the module has not ben installed.

...then the most likely cause is the iODBC framework files have not also been installed.

The ODBC Module relies upon these files in order for it to load. A quick google search for "iODBC Framework" should direct you to a site where you can download the installer (as of this writing, that will probably be on http://www.iodbc.org).

There is an iODBC SDK available that installs the correct frameworks. Once you run that installer, you should be able to load up the MPS ODBC module.