What is a TransTable? When would I want to use one?

An Import TransTable, or Import Translation Table, is a feature of the Meadows DesignMerge and AutoPrice software packages. You can set up a DDF to use a TransTable to translate individual characters as they are merged into the document. 

This can be especially helpful when merging a Windows database into a Macintosh document, or vice-versa, a Macintosh database into a Windows document.

When you are merging data into a document and some characters are not displaying as you would expect (for example an accented character), then an Import TransTable may resolve this. 

For more detailed information about TransTables, including when and how to use one, visit the following Meadows page:

This page also provides a link to download two FREE Import TransTables: the Meadows Macintosh to Windows TransTable, and the Meadows Windows to Macintosh TransTable.