AutoPrice placeholder is encountering a Bad Tag error

A Bad Tag error condition indicates a placeholder in the document is assigned to something that no longer exists in the Current DDF (for example, a Variable Link, a Search Criteria, or a Price Style). When a placeholder encounters a Bad Tag error, the placeholder may display a "Bad Tag!" error message. NOTE: One action that may cause Bad Tag errors is to run Quick Setup on a DDF that has already been set up and used in a document. Normally, you do not need to run Quick Setup on a DDF that has already been set up. Instead, if you need to make a change to the DDF's Database File Settings, Fields, or Variable Links, you can simply edit the DDF to make that one change.

To see which placeholders are encountering a Bad Tag error, run a Placeholder List Report. Any placeholder that is encountering a Bad Tag error will list "Bad Tag!" for its Status. For more information about running a Placeholder List Report, see Catalog Page Tutorial #1 (The Basics) in the AutoPrice Documentation folder, which is available in PDF format in the AutoPrice product folder on your system.

To see which DDF entry is missing, use the appropriate tool to click on a Bad Tag placeholder in the document and open the AutoPrice floating palette. The palette will indicate a missing entry by bracketing the entry's name with < and > characters, for example: <abcXYZ>.

There are several different ways you can repair a Bad Tag error condition once you have determined which entry is missing from your DDF (the Variable Link, Link Rule, or Price Style). You can either add the missing entry to your DDF, or you can replace the Bad Tag Link in the document, as described below.


This method is preferable if you have several documents that are encountering a Bad Tag error.

  1. Open the appropriate window (Variable Links, Search Criteria, or Price Styles) and click the Add button to add a new entry.
  2. For the name for the new entry, enter the name of the missing entry that is assigned to the Bad Tag Link.
  3. Next, select appropriate settings for this new entry. For example, if this is a new Variable Link, select the appropriate Field for the Link.
  4. Then, click OK. You should now be able to update corresponding Bad Tag Links that previously encountered a Bad Tag error.


This method is simple to follow if you have only a few placeholders that are encountering a Bad Tag error.

  1. Open the AutoPrice floating palette.
  2. Use the appropriate tool to select one Bad Tag placeholder in the document. For example: To select a text placeholder, use the Text tool to click only once inside the text placeholder, placing the text insertion point in the middle of the text placeholder.
  3. Select appropriate settings on the palette for this placeholder.
  4. Click the Replace button on the palette. You should now be able to update this placeholder that previously encountered a Bad Tag error. 


If you would prefer to replace all of the Bad Tag placeholders at once, you may use the AutoPrice Search & Replace Utility. This method may be preferable if you have lots of placeholders but only in one or two documents that are encountering a Bad Tag error.

You may use the "Search & Replace Placeholders" window to specify a search value and a replacement value for whichever setting you wish to change. To do this, check the box for the type of placeholder setting that you wish to change. Next, enter in the corresponding "Search For" box the value that is currently assigned to placeholders that you wish to change. Then, enter in the "Replace With" box the new value that you wish to assign. When ready, click the OK button. The Search & Replace Placeholder utility will search throughout the document for any placeholder that has been assigned the value you entered in the "Search For" box, and will change that setting on these placeholders to the value you entered in the "Replace With" box.

For example, if your document has placeholders assigned to the Link “UK Price”. However, the DDF does not have a Link named "UK Price" and instead the DDF has a Link named "UK_Price":

  1. Open the document where you wish to replace placeholders.
  2. Open the AutoPrice menu and select Utilities > Search & Replace Placeholders. 
  3. Check the "Variable Link" option on the "Search & Replace Placeholders" window
  4. Enter "UK Price" in the Variable Link "Search For" box,
  5. Enter "UK_Price" in the Link "Replace With" box.
  6. Click the "OK" button.