IMPORTANT NOTE on DesignMerge v5.50 and v6.50 for Adobe InDesign

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes to DesignMerge Rules that are made using the new v5.50 or v6.50 versions may not be backward compatible with earlier versions of DesignMerge. To avoid any issues, please be sure to upgrade all of your copies of DesignMerge to the new v5.50 and v6.50 versions!




Any DesignMerge Rules that were created or modified by DesignMerge v5.50 or v6.50 (and later) are not compatible with any earlier versions of DesignMerge. Note that this change affects only the Rules definitions - the rest of the DDF and other setup information is fully backward compatible.


Please note the following:

  • If you are not using any DesignMerge Rules, then this change should not be a concern. The change to DesignMerge regarding backward compatibility only affects the DesignMerge Rule definitions.
  • If DesignMerge v5.50 (or later) is used to re-create or import a document’s DDF that was created in an earlier version of DesignMerge - there is absolutely no problem! The rules will be imported and will be stored in the new v5.50 format for Rules (the new longer length limitation will be available for these Rules).
  • If an earlier version of DesignMerge (a version that precedes v5.50) recreates or imports a document’s DDF that was created or last used by DesignMerge v5.50 (or later), the DDF will not contain its previous Rules. Instead, the imported DDF will contain a new, default set of Rules. All of the Rules that were present in DesignMerge v5.50 (or later) will be removed from the document’s DDF.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to open a support ticket by visiting