DesignMerge Print Driver output is missing fonts

The most common reasons a font cannot be downloaded for inclusion in Print Driver output are:

  • Font management software is not activating the font as quickly as DesignMerge is producing the output;
  • The font has downloading restrictions built into it;
  • The font is not stored in a location where the Print Driver can locate it (for example, the Print Driver will not locate fonts that are installed in the InDesign or QuarkXPress application's Fonts folder);
  • There are multiple instances of a font installed on your system;
  • The font's installation has become corrupt or is incomplete.

Here is some information to assist you in determining why fonts are not being downloaded successfully:

1) Confirm that you have selected appropriate Print Driver settings to include the fonts. 

2) If you are using font management software to activate fonts, activate the job's fonts before you start the merge session.

3) Open the document and then open the InDesign Find Fonts window (or the QuarkXPress Usage window) and show detailed information for each font to confirm the fonts are not missing, the fonts are stored in your system's fonts folder or your user's fonts folder (not in an InDesign or QuarkXPress application fonts location; the path to the fonts is not labeled as a "document-installed font"), and that there are no restrictions listed for downloading these fonts.

4) Use InDesign or QuarkXPress to collect a package containing the document's fonts to confirm all of these fonts can be downloaded.

Please note that if any of the problem fonts are not being used in the document before it is merged (for example, if any fonts are used only by Variable Articles or Variable GroupPictures so they are not present in the document before merging), then you will want to place these Variable Articles or Variable GroupPictures in a test document to review the status and "download-ability" of those fonts. 

If applying these instructions does not reveal why a DesignMerge Print Driver is unable to include one or more fonts in its output, and if your company has a current subscription to the Meadows Product Support Plan, please open a Support Ticket and a Meadows Support Technician will assist you in resolving this problem. To open a Support Ticket, go to the Meadows Support website page ( where you can choose to Open a Support Ticket.