Code 128 Bar Codes have added a leading zero when scanned.



DesignMerge® Pro is a powerful suite of variable-data printing and data publishing software for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, that includes the ability to automatically produce variable USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Codes.


Other major features of DesignMerge include automatic copy-fitting, advanced conditional programming (Rules), and multi-up imposition support. DesignMerge supports all of the major variable data output formats, including PostScript, PPML, PDF/VT, and Creo VPS and is compatible with printers from every major vendor.


In addition, DesignMerge can also be extended to produce variable 2D Bar Codes (QR Codes, PDF417, and Data Matrix) and other types of Linear Bar Codes (Code 128, UPC, Code 39, etc.). DesignMerge is great for creating personalized publications such as invitations, business cards, certificates, custom catalogs, etc.


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The Code 128 C bar code encodes data in sets of pairs. If you are using the DesignMerge Code 128 C Keyword Link, then the barcode will be padded with a leading zero when the variable data for this Link contains an uneven number of characters.

The Code 128 A and Code 128 B bar codes do not encode data in sets of pairs. These two bar code formats encode each character individually. Therefore, the DesignMerge Code 128 A and Code 128 B bar codes will not pad data that contains an uneven number of characters.

Please note that you may use any of the Code 128 fonts on any of the Code 128 bar codes (A, B, or C). For more information about these fonts, please see the "Which font should I use on a DesignMerge Code 128 Barcode Keyword Link?" Knowledgebase Article.


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