How do I remove or uninstall Meadows software?

Software from Meadows Publishing Solutions are Plug-Ins for InDesign, or XTensions for QuarkXPress, that reside in the InDesign, or QuarkXPress, application folder on the workstation.

If your Meadows software was activated with an online activation code, deactivate the software before you remove/uninstall it. To deactivate your Meadows software, open the "About Plug-Ins > MPS" menu which is available on the InDesign menu bar in the "InDesign" menu on a Macintosh system, or in the "Help" menu on a Windows system. Select the MPS Software Module that you wish to deactivate. This will open a window where you can click a "Reset Activation" button. Follow the prompts. 

If your Meadows software was not activated with an online activation code, then you do not need to deactivate your software before continuing.

Next, quit your InDesign or QuarkXPress application, if it is running.

Now, open that application's folder by going to /Applications (Macintosh), or /Program Files [x86] (Windows), and opening the folder that contains your InDesign or QuarkXPress application.

Next, in InDesign, open the folder /Plugins, and look for a folder in this location called /Meadows.
In QuarkXPress, open the /XTensions folder, and look for items that begin with MPS.

To remove or uninstall all Meadows software, delete the /Meadows folder.

To remove or uninstall specific MPS software products, delete the MPS*.* items whose names correspond to the product that you wish to remove/uninstall. 

The next time you start your page layout application, you should not see errors or warnings about the Meadows software products that you removed and you should no longer see any menu entries or palettes for the Meadows software that you removed.