Document will not merge

There are several conditions that will prevent DesignMerge from merging a document. To determine why DesignMerge cannot merge your document, examine the following:


If an error message is displayed, you may need to repair this error condition first. For example, a Bad Tag error will automatically cancel a merge session. For more information about the Bad Tag error condition, see the Encountered a Bad Tag warning Knowledgebase Article.


If your document does not contain any Variable Links, DesignMerge will not merge the document. To determine whether your document contains any Variable Links, run a Variable Link Test merge session.


If the database file is open in another application, or if you do not have access to this file, then DesignMerge may not be able to access the data within this file. Confirm you have sufficient access and permissions to open the file and then confirm the database file is not open before you start the merge session.


If you were trying to run a Build Document merge session, confirm you are not specifying a range of records that would produce too large of a document for your system to handle.


If you were trying to run a Print Driver merge session, confirm you are choosing a destination that you can access. Please note that selecting a non-local network location may conflict with a Print Driver merge session, for example, if that non-local location cannot respond in a timely manner. Also, do not select a destination path whose name exceeds 255 characters, or a path that contains a folder whose name exceeds 32 characters or a folder whose name contains a forward slash (/), colon (:), backslash (\), or extended ASCII character (for example, ƒ or §). 


If the document contains InDesign Data Merge Links or information from other third-party plug-ins, these may conflict with DesignMerge. See InDesign or the third-party plug-in's documentation to remove this information from the document. TIP: You may be able to "cleanse" an InDesign document by exporting it as an .IDMX/.IDML file. Please note this will also remove all DesignMerge information from the document. To preserve the DesignMerge information, use the Meadows Tags Converter Utility to convert DesignMerge Links in the document to a Tagged Text format before the document is exported. For more information about the Tags Converter utility, see the About the DesignMerge Tag Converter Utility for Adobe InDesign Knowledgebase Article.