How do I embed Text Links in a text file for a Variable Article

To embed Text Links in a text file for a Variable Article, the text file must be in your page layout application's Tagged Text File format. To produce this type of text file, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the content for the text file in a text box in the document. NOTE: Do not include any anchored objects (in-line picture or text frames). These Tagged Text File formats do not support anchored objects.
  2. Style the text however you wish.
  3. Assign Variable Links to the text in this box that you wish to be variable. When a Box Link in a document imports this text file as a Variable Article, DesignMerge will also merge these Variable Text Links.
  4. Place your text insertion point inside the text box.
  5. In InDesign: Open the File menu and select Export. This will open the Export window. On the Export window, select Adobe InDesign Tagged Text for the Format, enter a filename for the new text file, and click Save. This will open the Adobe InDesign Tagged Text Export Options window. Choose the options that are appropriate for this text, and then click OK

    In QuarkXPress: Open the File menu and select Save Text. This will open the Save Text window. On the Save Text window, select XPress Tags for the Format. Also, select an appropriate Encoding and any other other appropriate options. Then, enter a filename for the new Text File, and click Save
NOTE: To merge Variable Articles that contain Text Links, assign the Article Variable Link to a Text Box. For more information, see the DesignMerge is not merging Links embedded inside a Variable Article Knowledgebase Article.