DesignMerge is producing more pages than expected.

If DesignMerge is producing more pages than expected, check the following settings:

  1. Confirm the document template that you are merging does not contain any extra pages. For example, if you would like to produce a two-page document for each variation, the document template should contain only two pages.
  2. Run a Variable Link Report to confirm the Links in the document have correct settings. In particular, review the number of times a Link is listed and review the Sequence Number that is assigned to each Link in the list.
  3. Follow the recommendations in the Job is merging extra records that aren't in the database Knowledgebase Article to confirm the database is in a plain deilmited text file format and does not have extra line endings, and also to confirm that the DDF has appropriate settings for the database file that you are selecting for the merge session.