The serial numbers for my Meadows Plug-Ins for InDesign?

The serial number and version information for all Meadows software products for InDesign are located within the About Window for the product.

To find the About Window for any Meadows software product, please follow the steps outlined below.

1) Open the  InDesign menu on a Macintosh (or the Help menu on a Windows machine).

2) Select the About Plug-ins > MPS menu, and choose the product by name.

3) The About Window for that plug-in should now be displayed.

If requested by our support engineers, you can either make a screen capture of the About Window, or you can also copy/paste the text that is in the middle of the About Window which holds the software registration and version information. This information will be very helpful to our support team when trying to track down problems with your installation.

NOTE: For AutoPrice or DesignMerge customers, another way to access the About Window is to open the AutoPrice or DesignMerge menu item and select Preferences. This will open the Preferences window. Click the About button and the About Window will be displayed.