Links are not merging correct data or are prompting to locate wrong file

If one or more Links do not seem to be merging the correct data, review the following settings in your job: 

  • Confirm you are selecting a Database that is in a Delimited Text File format.
  • Confirm the Database Definition's (DDF's) Data Type setting matches the type of text encoding in the database file.
  • Confirm the DDF's File Origin setting matches the file origin of the database file. 
  • Confirm the DDF's Field Delimiter setting matches which character is being used in the database file as a Field Delimiter.
  • Confirm the DDF's Text Qualifier setting is accurate. For more information about selecting the correct Text Qualifier setting, see the Unexpected quote mark or inch mark in Links? Knowledgebase Article.
  • Confirm the DDF's Field Names list matches the number of fields and the order of the fields in the database file. 
  • Confirm the DDF's Variable Links are pointing to the correct Fields.
  • Confirm the Links in the document are assigned to the correct Variable Links.
  • Confirm the Links in the document are assigned to appropriate Sequence Numbers. 
  • If any of these Links is using a Link Rule, test the Rule to confirm it has been set up correctly (open the Rules window, select the Rule, then click the Test button).

TIP: A DesignMerge Print Preview or Data Preview Test merge session will show you how data is being mapped to Links in your document. This may help you determine which setting needs to be changed for the Links to merge differently.

For more information about Print Preview, Data Preview, DDF settings, and viewing which settings are assigned to Links in a document, see Tutorial #1a (The Basics) in the DesignMerge Tutorial Manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system. For more information about Rules, see Tutorial #1b (Rules) in the DesignMerge Tutorial Manual.