DesignMerge PostScript output of an InDesign document is not retaining printer settings, such as duplexing or paper tray selection.

The InDesign PostScript File printing process, which is the process that the DesignMerge PostScript Driver uses, does not include printer settings. Therefore the DesignMerge PostScript Driver cannot include printer settings in its output. You would see similar results if you were to use the InDesign PostScript File printer to print a document. 


In other words, settings from the InDesign Print window are included in the PostScript output, but settings from the Printer Print window (or Printer Setup window) are not included.


Since printer settings are not included, the print controller will automatically apply its default settings to your DesignMerge PostScript output. However, there are other methods available which may allow you to apply custom printer settings to your PostScript output:  

  • If your digital print controller provides a feature to set up hot folders, choose to print the PostScript output as a file to a hot folder that has been set up to apply specific printer settings. 
  • If your print controller does not provide a hot folder feature, send the PostScript output to the print controller's Hold queue where you can select printer settings for the PostScript file before you print it. 
  • If your print controller does not provide a Hold queue, first change the default settings for the printer to the settings you wish to apply, and then print the PostScript file.
  • Finally, if none of the above options are satisfactory, you may prefer to print the PostScript output as a file to your system, and then convert the PostScript file to a PDF (or select a destination folder that will automatically convert PostScript files to PDFs). Then, open the PDF in Acrobat Reader, for example, and use that application to print the PDF, as this type of printing process may allow you to include custom printer settings.
For more information, see the PostScript Driver manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.