There are quote marks around my prices?

The use of basic quote marks (inch marks) to indicate literal field data is a feature of the database application creating the text file. These can be address within AutoPrice, and they will not appear when the links are updated.

Use the menu command AutoPrice > Setup > Database Definitions > Current DDF > Edit to access the Edit Database Definition window, which has a Text Qualifier setting. Set that to be the quote, or inch mark and then back out of that window using the OK buttons.

If this was done correctly, any quote marks will disappear when the document is updated again. Alternately, the use of the quote, or inch marks around the field data could simply be removed from the database file. But the above method allows for doing it in AutoPrice automatically.

In a plain text database file, the quote marks can also be used in dimensions and other contexts within the field data of the database file. See also, Unexpected quote mark or inch mark in Links?