How do I place a Meadows 2D Bar Code in a document?

The Meadows 2D Bar Code Module is currently available as an individual module and also as an optional module in DesignMerge for InDesign and in AutoPrice for InDesign. This module provides the ability to place a Meadows 2D Bar Code in a document. 


To use this module, you will first need to do the following: 

Then, to place a Meadows 2D Bar Code in a document, follow the steps below:

  1. Place a text frame in the document where you would like to display a 2D Bar Code.
  2. Select the text frame with the InDesign Selection tool or use the Type tool to place a text insertion point inside the frame. NOTE: If there is any content in the text frame, it will be automatically removed when you place a 2D Bar Code inside the frame.
  3. Open the MPS menu and select 2D Bar Code > Create. This will open the Create 2D Bar Code window.
  4. On the Create 2D Bar Code window: Select the Type of 2D Bar Code you wish to create; Enter the Data that you would like to have represented by the 2D Bar Code; Select the parameters you would like to apply to this type of 2D Bar Code; Then, when ready, click the OK button to create this 2D Bar Code.
  5. The 2D Bar Code will now appear in the selected text frame. Also, if your document is showing frame edges, you will see an icon indicating this box contains a Meadows 2D Bar Code.
For information to make a Meadows 2D Bar Code a DesignMerge Variable, please see the How do I place a DesignMerge Variable Meadows 2D Bar Code in a document? Knowledgebase Article.
You will also find helpful information, including a movie demonstrating how to use the Meadows 2D Barcode Module, on the following Meadows website page: