Performance Tip for printing to a digital print controller that supports PPML or VPS but not in a ZIP file format

Setting up DesignMerge PPML or Creo VPS merge sessions to produce ZIP File Containers allows for the best performance by DesignMerge and may also improve the performance of your print controller. 


If you are using a print controller that supports PPML or Creo VPS, but does not support a ZIP File Container for these formats, you may be still be able to use DesignMerge to produce ZIP File Containers that your digital print controller will be able to process more efficiently by following the steps below: 

  1. On the PPML Driver or Creo VPS Driver window, once you have selected the other options that you wish to apply to the output, go to the Output panel and select External Data from the Type popup menu in the PPML Elements box. 
  2. Also on the Print Driver's window, go to the Post-Processing panel and turn on (check) the Create Zip File Container option.
  3. When ready, click the Continue button and select a destination folder for the output.
  4. Once the ZIP file has been created, transfer the ZIP file to your digital print server.
  5. On the digital print server, extract the ZIP file's content into a new folder. NOTE: Please see your digital print controller's documentation to determine whether your print controller requires the extracted files to be placed in a specific location.
  6. To print the job, import just the PPML or VPS file that is inside the folder containing the extracted files (this will be the file whose file name extension is either .PPML or .VPS). Do not import any of the other files that are inside this folder. If your print controller supports this method, then your print controller will automatically find the files that the PPML/VPS file requires while it is being processed. 

TIP: You can automate steps 3-6 by selecting Hot Folders or Action Folders that have been set up to transfer the ZIP file to the Creo digital print server and once the ZIP file is on the digital print server, to extract the ZIP file's content into a new folder and then import the VPS or PPML file that is inside that folder. 


For more information about the DesignMerge PPML or Creo VPS Driver, see their manuals which are available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder on your system.