InDesign application is running slower than expected

If your Adobe InDesign application is running slower than expected, it may be helpful to review which tasks or activities are currently running on your system. To see this information:
  • For those using a Macintosh system, launch the "Activity Monitor" application, which you can find in your "Applications" > "Utilities" folder. 
  • For those using a Windows system, open the "Task Manager" window (press Ctrl+Shift+Esc or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete; then select "Task Manager"). 
Look for processes that are using a large percentage of your system's CPU and also your system's Memory. 
If a process is consuming a large amount of your CPU or Memory, and that activity is not critical to the work you are currently doing, go to that application and change its preferences or quit that application. 
For example, we recently discovered that setting the iCloud application on Windows to sync Bookmarks caused other applications including InDesign to run much more slowly. Once we changed this setting in iCloud so that it would not sync Bookmarks, our InDesign application was able to run much more efficiently.