What is a database file?

DesignMerge® Pro is a powerful suite of variable-data printing and document assembly software for QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. DesignMerge provides the ability to merge a variable database file into a document. DesignMerge also includes ability to produce Intelligent Mail Bar Codes, automatic copy-fitting, and advanced conditional programming features. Supports all major variable data formats, including PPML, PDF/VT, and Creo VPS. Can also be extended to produce 2D Bar Codes and other types of Linear Bar Codes. Great for creating personalized publications such as invitations, business cards, certificates, custom catalogs, etc. For more information about DesignMerge, go to http://www.designmerge.com.

When using DesignMerge, a "database file" refers to a plain delimited text file that contains a list of records (rows or lines) with a set number of fields (columns). The most common formats are tab-delimited (.txt, .tab, etc.) or comma-separated (.txt, .csv, etc.) text files that can be written from any database application.

To use a database file with DesignMerge, simply set up a DesignMerge Database Definition (DDF). The DDF describes the database file so that DesignMerge will know how to import data from that file. The settings in the DDF must match the settings being used in the actual delimited text file or errors can result on when Links are merged. For an example of a database file and setting up a DDF to describe that file, see Tutorial #1 (The Basics) in the DesignMerge Tutorial Manual.


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