Upgrading from AutoPrice to DesignMerge Catalog

The Meadows AutoPrice™ software package for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 has a new name: DesignMerge® Catalog. All of the features and options that were available in the AutoPrice software for InDesign CC 2015 are available in the DesignMerge Catalog software for InDesign CC 2017. 

For example, when you install DesignMerge Catalog, you will notice the menu that was previously named "AutoPrice" is now named "DesignMerge". You will find the same entries in the "DesignMerge" menu that you saw in the "AutoPrice" menu for Adobe InDesign CC 2015.

Also, the AutoPrice floating palette (panel) is now called the DesignMerge Catalog floating palette (panel). You will find the same options on the DesignMerge Catalog panel that were on the AutoPrice panel.

Additionally, if you are upgrading an AutoPrice installation to a DesignMerge Catalog installation, you can still transfer your current AutoPrice settings for use in your new DesignMerge Catalog installation. For instructions to do this, please see the following Meadows Knowledgebase Article: 

How to Transfer AutoPrice or DesignMerge Settings After an Upgrade

Please note that all AutoPrice Documentation is currently in the process of being updated to reflect this name change. However, the current AutoPrice Documentation is still applicable since the only change is in the name of the software. You may use the link below to access AutoPrice Documentation: