How to change the letter case of data

This article describes how to display data in a different letter case when it is merged by DesignMerge into a document.


If you would like to display the data in All Caps or Small Caps, simply apply that InDesign formatting option to the variable text link before it is merged. 


If you would like to display the data in a Title Case format, consider adding Pro Pack to your DesignMerge Pro Software Order. The DesignMerge Pro Pack provides a set of utility functions that have been integrated with DesignMerge to perform various variable data tasks. The Pro Pack can be used with any version of DesignMerge, and provides a very powerful set of tools for specific VDP applications. In addition to the built-in features provided by the Pro Pack, you can even develop your own Custom Actions, which truly expand the customization capabilities of the software. Listed below are just some of the features included in the Pro Pack. Please visit the Pro Pack page on our web site for more details.


If you would like to display the data in any other type of letter case, then consider changing the case of the text in the data file before you merge that data into a document. Microsoft Excel, for example, provides a feature to do this. For more information regarding how to change the case of text in MS Excel, see this Microsoft Excel documentation.